need money?

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    need money?

    Post  king shaquan on Sat May 09, 2009 12:34 pm

    If you need money then here are some suggestions for you.
    1:For fast and pretty easy money; get your firemaking level to 90, then firemake magic logs(you can firemake in shops),you get 500k from each firemake.This way you will make some pretty fast money.

    2:Theiving; go to theive and start off at the general stall, after you get your theiving up to 50 use the scimitar stall to 99(it is faster experience than the gem stall)(unless you want money use the gem stall), then do the silk stall. This way you will get 4M from each steal.

    3:Fletching; get your fletching to 85+ and then fletch and string Magic Longbows and sell them for 1M each.This way you will have pretty fast money(number one is the fastest). Number Three was thought of by:ONUR

    These are suggestions by: King Shaquan

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